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Your photo will be cropped, formatted and laser burned onto an Aspen wood plaque.  Portrate or lanscape orientation depending upon the picture.   The size of the plaque for a 2:3 ratio photo is normally 7x10 inches.  Other picture size ratios will vary the length.


There is a D-ring attached for wall hanging.  A dowel is included that can be inserted to stand the photo on a table or shelf.


If the photo you submit will not produce a good image I will contact you so you may submit a different photo.  Generally, if the photo looks nice as a black and white image it will laser burn well.


Free Shipping options:

  • USPS mailed to your address.
  • USPS mailed to another address of your choice (so you do not need to re-ship a gift ... I will email or text a photo of the finished product to you so you can see what your recipient will be receiving).

Woodburned Photo

  • Shopping Cart does not support photo attachments.  So you will need to send me your photo seperatly.  Send the photo either by text or email.  Include your name so I can match the photo to your order.

    Text  to:  (218) 231-2413

    Email to:


    If you have any problems please give me a call.  My phone number and email address are also at the bottom of every page of the website so you can find them after checkout.


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