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The Simple Pine Box.

Wood, Glue, Fabric, Rope.... sanded smooth with care and prayer.... a humble, yet dignified resting place for the body in death.  There is no metal in this casket... not even one screw or nail... fully able to be burned in creamation or buried in a cemetary.

The casket is finished with Watco Satin Wax.  If you wish, you can have it bare wood... so you and your family can decorate and personalized your casket with markers or paint.

It is important to me... and hopefully to you also, that this casket is very affordable.  I usually have a casket already built and ready.  The $750 pricing works this way: come and pick up your casket either when it is ready or else sometime in the next two years... I will store it here for you for a while.  And if you want me to deliver your casket the cost will be the number of miles between us multiplied by $1 per mile.  The Twin Cities is about 200 miles away so that would be about $200 for delivery either to your house or to a funeral home of your choice.  


  • Casket orders are best arranged by a phone call at (218) 231-2413 and paid with a personal check or cash.


    On the phone we can talk about the timing of pick up or delivery, we can calculate delivery charges, etc.... and most of all I appreciate being able to talk with the families who are ordering a casket to answer all of their questions and to know who I am praying for.


    There are two options for you on the website.  (1) You can choose the "Cash/Check" payment option.  This creates an order invoice and you can pay at the time of pick-up or delivery by cash or check.  (2) You can choose the "Online" payment option if you are not able to pay by cash or check.


    Either way, if you place an online casket order you will see "Free Shipping" at checkout.  That message should not appear, but I cannot avoid it and ask you to please ignore it.  Casket shipping can be ordered based on mileage as a separate item added to your cart.

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