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Pet Photo Urn

Pet Photo1

Our pets are gifts from God. They give us companionship on the journey. Here is a box to contain your pet's cremated remains and also dissplay a 4" x 6" photo or drawing.

The urn is 8" x 6" x 3.5" and holds the ashes of a pet that weighed up to 50 lbs. The $75 price includes sales tax (pet urns are taxible) and it includes shipping.

If you have a larger dog I can make this box deeper for you (same price) just call me to place the order or make a note giving your larger dog's weight in the PayPal comments.

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The photo frames holds a standard 4" x 6" photo. A plastic photo holder is included (with double-faced tape to keep it secure). This urn is made of pine. It is finished with Danish Oil. It opens from the bottom with four screws.


A woman who attends church with me draws pencil sketches of pets from photos. She drew the little dog shown in these pictures. So if you would like her to make a sketch for your pet I can help make the connection. ~ Mark

To order call or text
(218) 231-2413

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