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Prayerfully Made …. by Mark Coen

I offer a $650 Simple Pine Box casket – affordable and dignified.

I offer handmade cremation urns beginning at $125 (including shipping).

For twenty years I served the Lord as a Catholic priest. Now I am trying to “urn” a living with my woodshop in the basement of an old Lutheran church in Hibbing, Minnesota. As I make these urns and caskets I am often praying at the same time. I hope you will appreciate a product that is handmade and prayerfully made in this way.

I like to communicate in person, or by phone, Facebook, text or email with customers. Often I become aware of someone I can include in my prayers this way. Feel free to call, text or email to place an order or just to say hello.

There is also an on-line store set up here to make transactions as simple as can be.

CasketPedestal UrnsCustomizableSimple CrossPet Photo FramePet Pillar

What's Included?

Human Cremation Urns include velvet bag and USPS shipping.

Pet Cremation Urn prices include sales tax and USPS shipping.

Casket price includes up to two years storage before pickup or delivery.

Mark Coen

Here is a little more of my personal story. As I mentioned above, for twenty years I served the Lord as a Catholic priest. That was stressful and lonely for me. Eight years ago I left to try to serve the Lord in other ways.  I received layicization from the Vatican, making me free to get married someday.  I spent a few years working as an addiction counselor.  I discovered an old Lutheran church and rectory that I could afford in Hibbing, MN. That is where I live and have my wood shop.

Simple Pine Box is my business. My father died five years ago and our family needed to rent a casket for his wake and funeral, then his body was cremated. The 24-hour rental fee for the casket was $1,000. The only casket for sale near that price was made of cloth-covered particle board. Couldn’t someone make a simple yet dignified casket out of wood for less than $1,000? I felt called to be that person. I now make that Simple Pine Box casket for $650.

I am also trying to “urn” a living. If you have read my website this far and are not in the market for one of my products, could you please remember me when you speak with someone who is “dying” to buy an urn or casket? (Ok… yes… I have a sense of humor… hope you do too.) It is difficult to market this product so I really need to “think outside the box.” With your help I will be able to stay busy and perhaps someday I will be “buried in my work.” …. God Bless! Mark

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